We build web, mobile and desktop applications using: C# .NET, Sharepoint, Java, PHP, WPF, Caliburn.Micro, Windows Forms, DevExpress, Witsml, Entity Framework, MVC, AngularJS, JQuery, JSON, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Boostrap, ASP.NET, WCF, Apache Cordova.
Our database experience includes:  SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL.
F5 IT offers UI/UX design services: WordPress, Woocommerce, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign.

About Machine Learning

Machine learning is the modern science of finding patterns in data and making predictions based on historical trends. The Machine Learning team at F5 IT develops complex models and algorithms to discover hidden insights that can be turned into better decisions and immediate actions.

F5 IT has created a unique database of public data and open datasets that are interconnected and prepared to plug into Machine Learning models. The database contains huge amounts of information about weather and the climate, population, immigration, crime statistics, cultural KPIs, the oil price and other societal factors. The latest information is continuously being added from a variety of online data sources.

With Machine Learning, this pool of data can be combined with the data of your business to uncover patterns invisible to the naked eye. Whether you want to predict peaks in workload, improve the performance of your machine park, reduce the energy consumption of your buildings or understand your social media users, we have the tools to aid your business.

An increasing trend in recent years is the massive volumes of data generated by social media, industrial machines and the Internet of Things. The developers in F5 IT’s Machine Learning team are skilled in the latest of big data technologies. No matter the size of your data, we can handle it!

Case studies – SmartCrowding

Overcrowding has been described as the biggest problem facing modern hospitals. F5 IT is working with Stavanger University Hospital and Validé to develop a solution that mitigates this problem. The number of hospital patients is known to correlate with climate factors such as weather conditions. This insight is being used to predict waiting times and queue lengths at the hospital’s emergency department. A statistical model has been developed that connects statistical queue trends with weather forceasts and other factors from F5 IT’s database of structured public data.

What can ML do for your business?

  • Generate better plans and schedules
  • Utilize resources more efficiently
  • Optimize marketing
  • Make realistic risk assessments
  • Improve purchasing and procurement
  • Increase business knowledge
  • Predict future scenarios
  • Create value from big data