A smartcity framework for small and medium sized cities and communities.

The core delivery is an IOT hub for connecting all data sources and devices for the smart city, and to provide services and integrations for all the parts of the smart city. These parts connected to the IOT or data hub does not need to be developed by F5 IT, and we are currently actively seeking partners to enhance the solution.  Currently all the services are provided “as a service”, both the smartcity framework and the smart city services.

Besides the IOT datahub F5 IT is providing a range of services to the connected Smartcity framework, or ecosystem as we prefer to call it – as we are very open for external partners to connect and enhance the Smart city-solution.

Core SmartCity framework deliveries:

  • IOT-hub: framework for dataflow, data analysis and integrations between solutions, sensors and systems in the city
  • Smart City dashboard – statistics and live data from the city, ranging from sensor data to open data sources. This enables the city to make better decicions.
  • Citizen engagement. A smooth solution for the inhabitants or users of the community to communicate with the city. Fault reports, incident reporting, creating tasks in the SmartCity-dashboard for the city to delegate and execute.
  • Smart City response center. We monitor devices and systems, and take action when needed.

We are seeking…

  • Cities and communities that wants to work smarter. If you just need the framework, the IOT-hub, or just the smart building solution to reduce energy in the public buildings, get in touch with us.
  • Technology partners. We don’t do it all. If you have a solution that can fit in to such a framework, get in touch. We have customers wanting to strengthen their SmartCity profile and increase the number of integrated solutions – to work better and serve their communities better. We need smartcity-partners – get in touch.

We are present in Europe, but being a 100% scalable and cloudbased Smartcity solution we can deliver these services all over the world.

Please use the contact form to get in touch.  For more information, please also have a look at www.smartcity.as.

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F5 IT smartcity ecosystem

Modules supported by the SmartCity framework:

  • Smart City buildings. Today we are integrated with more than 70 different building automation systems and sensors (through BACnet, Azure IOT hub, Amazon Web Services and so on). The solution enables the city to monitor all buildings and alarms from the systems in one centralized dashboard.
  • City wifi – to provide wifi services for the users of the city, and to provide secure and reliable communication with IOT – sensors and systems
  • Parking and mobility
  • Digital City guide. Integrates with open data-sources, but can also be managed manually to guide the users of the city and tourists to attractions, events, playgrounds, parks or whatever the city wants to focus on.
  • Social temperature. Using machine learning to monitor and report the “city mood” at concerts or big events. Analyzing feeds and posts from social medias such as Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Flooding – combining live river/lake water flow and weather forecasts
  • The Sharing city. Enables citizens to share items they don’t use every day
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