Custom Software

With the constant changes happening within how business is conducted, technology has become even more important to business success. It provides the advantages needed to give your business the edge and remain competitive. We can provide you with custom developed applications that is tailored to your unique requirements, by offering smart solutions that optimizes your processes, productivity and streamline operations. By always using the latest within development methods and tools, our applications are scalable and stable solutions, giving you the confidence and the quality of work you can expect.

Dynamic and responsive web solutions, allowing you to meet the needs of the modern world.

Functional apps available anywhere and anytime ensuring on the fly data collection and correct process conduction. Resulting in efficiency and productivity.

Solutions that improve operational efficiency, provide correct information for decision making and address your challenges and opportunities.

By listen to your requirements to understand the business purpose we then suggest the best technical approach to developing the applications. By utilizing agile methodology our teams prioritize the requirements into iterations with short development cycles. We will frequently review all progress with you as our customer and deliver usable, tested pieces of software per iteration. The process is completely transparent, and enhancements can quickly be incorporated into the backlog.

How we work

Project Objectives

Effective project organization



Review & Reflection

Outcome & Timeline oriented

Extensive hands-on implementation experience allows utilization of the most efficient practices from used methodologies taking into account only real needs in the efficient, transparent and predictable process. By providing quality project management, we focus on:

  • Requirements management
  • Change management
  • Risk management
  • Quality assurance
  • Competence transfer

Quality Focus

By frequent communication with our clients and close monitoring of project scope, we aim to deliver tailored solutions based on a deep understanding of your needs and requirements. The Agile delivery processes automatically ensure higher quality because of the rapid feedback loops, instead of relying on final user acceptance testing. Test cases are built along with the software and Quality Assurance is carried out alongside with the sprint. F5IT Solutions also have a highly professional and well-equipped independent QA team that ensures software quality assurance and audit.

ShowMe Stavanger for RegionStavanger

ShowMeStavanger is a free app for tourists and other users with overview of attractions, events and tours in the Stavanger region.


Hundreds of attractions

It will easily give you access to a huge database with hundreds of attractions, events and suggested city walks!

View them on the map

Use the map function and filter the places/events with the filter function to see places of interest nearby that match your preferred category.

Get notified

The app will notify you when you get close to a place of interest and you will get relevant information about the place/event.

You can login with your Facebook account or create your own ShowMeStavanger account

Smart Crowding

SmartCrowding provide hospitals with an intuitive and smart solution for mitigating crowding and providing support to decision-making in complex situations

Overview of activity

Cross department overview on activity levels and help for managers direct their resources efficiently towards crowded departments.

Mitigate crowding

SmartCrowding helps reduce peaks of activity level (i.e. beds occupied) in hospital wards and thus reducing the risk of fatalities and negligence.

VbSmart for Varme & bad

Varme & Bad is a Norwegian plumbing services company for both residential and business markets. F5 IT developed an application that comes as an aid for plumbing workers. Bringing cutting edge technology in this area allows professionals to eliminate errors, problems and bureaucracy. It helps in reporting issues directly from worksites and have overall better communication with both customers and management alike.
Technologies :AngularJS, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, C#, RESTful Web Services, Microsoft SQL Server, Apache Cordova

  • Full quality system
  • Resource planning
  • Deviation handling
  • Projects
  • Orders and hours
  • Check-lists
  • Basic CRM
  • Reporting
  • Web-based administrative front end.
  • App. With full offline support for plumbers and project managers.

BoatBook for Rødne

Boat Book is an web app developed for Rødne to handle boat planning , bookings , offering a full CRM .

  • Boatbooking and boat scheduling/planning
  • CRM
  • Booking (Orders and order lines)
  • Supplier services
  • Full integration with Visma accouting

Zelo for Zoaring

  • System for change process management
  • Define changes and activities in the context of a single process (mvp)
  • Activity is communicated to audience by email (mvp) and can be of info, question, invitation or open feedback type
  • Activities are tracked by progress, opening- and response rate
  • Consists of admin app (Angular) for defining process/changes/activities, landing site (MVC) for interaction with email recipients (audience).

An app developed to track and manage activities progress , opening and response rate.