There is much to be expected from when it comes to innovations in the field of IT for this year. Some will have the ability to simplify the work of those in the field of development, whereas others are just entertaining gadgets for which tech-heads go crazy.

Useful or just fun, these inventions will have the ability to bring the world closer to the sci-fi future most of us envision. As we step into the first month 2017, let’s have a look at areas in which the tech world will see improvement.

Artificial intelligence, smarter than humans

It is hard to ignore the idea that, in the near future, artificial intelligence will become a part of our world. Lately, more and more directors and writers are creating movies focused on the subject of AI and they are using the help of real scientists and programmers to better understand and present this topic not as sci-fi, but as something that can soon happen. Although androids as seen in cinematic pieces such as Ex Machina and WestWorld, which get to the point of having a consciousness and feeling emotions, may be impossible to obtain, today’s engineers are working on AI which can not only rival the human brain, but surpass it by far. To give just one example, we can easily mention 9th of March 2016, the day in which Google made AI history, as its program AlphaGo managed to beat 18-time world champion at GO, Lee Sedol. Not only that, but alongside other mainstream web giants such as Microsoft, Facebook and Wikipedia, Google is already using AI-based apps to improve their search engines and provide a better experience for their users. Thus, when it comes to what is expected in this field for 2017, it is safe to say that it specialist will have their work simplified by certain tools, such as Molly. This online web designer can create the aesthetics of a page, based on the information provided by its user and follow complex algorithms to create beautiful and theme-related end products. Similar tools are expected to emerge this years, tools which will represent the time and cost efficient alternative to current options.

Angular 2 – the birth of a new era for development

2017 may also bring a new approach on the way in which programmers are writing code. With the arrival of Angular 2 on the market, Google has redesigned its entire frontend JavaScript framework completely. However, just as expected, Angular will not stop here, and will be launching three minor updates and one major update every 6 months. More information on these updates can be found on the company’s blog, where Angular’s developers explain how these changes will impact those using the framework. For more an in-depth view on this topic, be sure not to miss out on our next entries, as we will ask F5 IT’S developers to share their thoughts on the improvements suggested by Angular.

Taking web design to the next level

Getting back to web design, 2017 is predicted as the year when, not only more self-sufficient AI designers like Molly will appear, but also when new trends will emerge. According to specialists in the field, a key element will be represented by a better understanding between designers and developers. We are long past the days in which an IT specialist is only good at one thing, as nowadays’ designers have programming knowledge and developers can understand the aesthetic needs and have UI and UX on their minds when they are writing code. In the article, “18 web design trends for 2017”, Sergie Magdalin, Chief Design Officer at Webflow mentions that “all kinds of tools have arisen to help facilitate that collaboration, from the shared templates and dashboards in Webflow’s Team plan to the real-time, shared canvas of Figma — and you can bet 2017 will bring both improvements to those platforms, and all-new options.”.

Furthermore, both in the previously mentioned article and in others on the topic of web design trends, experts seem to think 2017 will be the year of BIG and BOLD typography. However, this is not only going to be reflected in the size or style of the font, but also in the way in which certain important messages are laid out on the page. Although complex and innovative layouts are expected to dominate in 2017, the fonts will be kept simple, yet massive, with important messages being displayed in a clean and clear manner.

Looking just at just these three aspects, it seems like 2017 will be an exciting year for technology, filled with a lot of progress and unique gadgets which will reshape the way we interact with devices in our lives. However, as Forbes’s author Jayson DeMers states in his article “7 Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2017”, predicting what will happen with technology in the future is fun, but futile, as surprises can come at any time.